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Mats Lundgren self portrait

Mats Lundgren self portrait

… More than anything, photography is about collecting light, beside capturing what takes place in that light.

Mats Lundgren
… started off as photographer. Due to frantic demand of his writing skills, the camera went to rest for many a year.

A new chance
… arrived with the digital era, and a decade of increased attention to photography is now partly displayded here.

A special section is also
… planned further on for a series of rock music releated photography from the 60’s and on.

Mats is based in Stockholm, Sweden, but
… with cameras as steady travel companions


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Please get in touch if you have any questions or any special motifs you can’t find on the site.
Or photos you’d like to publish etc – where a written permission is mandatory.
mats [at] matslundgrenphotography.com

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Please allow 3-5 working days for my reply, sometimes business trips can delay response. Thanks.

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